Sunday, 28 June 2015

Do Robots Dream? [session 25]

Another 2hr 15min excursion into the dark and inhospitable void at the edge of the universe...

1. Erik Seifert - LHC [large hedron collider]
2. Quantum Mechanics - Clear Thinks
3. Scann-Tec - Hope [live edit]
4. Ascent & Argus - Whisper
5. Lowercase Noises - Rushes
6. Galaxy - Wavemode
7. Astronaut Ape - Stars Around Me
8. Hana - Ayume
9. Lights Out Asia - The Eye Of All Storms
10. Chronos - Planetarium [aquarius edit]
11. Control X - Babylon [sky dive mix]
12. Holmes Ives - Rebirth
13. Connect Ohm - Mol
14. DoubleK - 12023 Suns
15. Ray Charles - Say No More [sinoptik music remix]
16. Parhelia - Lost Destination
17. M-Seven - Make You Feel [orbscure extension mix]
18. Boards of Canada - Macquarie Ridge
19. Dhamika - Solitude
20. U.O.K - The Disappearance of the Sun [radar detector remix]

This and all my other mixes can now be downloaded via Soulseek, but please be very much aware that given the time it takes a signal to reach earth from the edge of the outer rim, access to the ships databanks via that platform will be decidedly sketchy. A fault in the AE35 antenna steering unit is due for EVA repair any day soon....

Usual important disclaimer:
These mixes are put together purely for my own enjoyment and not for any financial gain. Please support all the artists featured by purchasing their material from official sources...

...and play, enjoy, float & dream...
aka theORBscureDDJ

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bbroo said...

So many times the Robots have logged onto Soulseek, and still no "do robots dream 24, nor 25". Maybe theres a problem with the earth based antenna, a time difference between countries, luck, or even a crack in the space/time continuum? All we can do is continue the search for intelligent life there, and maybe locate these two missing dreams......

Do Robots Dream? [session 053]

Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for continuing to fly with theORBscureDDJ [+play+enjoy+float+dream+]