Friday, 27 February 2015

Do Robots Dream? [session 22]

Its like waiting for a shuttle bus eh? You wait ages for one, then several turn up in quick succession! But hey, don't knock it, embrace and enjoy it! I'm bringing you another mixed bag of old and new tunes, all of which have tickled my fancy over the last couple of months, so switch off the lights, reclin your chair and close your eyes...

01 Banco de Gaia - For Such A Time
02 Cabeiri - Voyager [suduaya remix]
03 Koan - Coastline
04 Liquid Space - Copy Dreams Lauter
05 Erik Seifert - Erebus Ice Tongue [part 1]
06 Blufeld - Breathing Together
07 Zero Cult - Cosmophobia
08 AmBeam - Escape
09 Klangstein - Oxident
10 Xerxes - Cell Progression
11 Astronaut Ape - Alive
12 Dhamika - Ayurveda
13 HUVA Network - Something Heavens
14 Solar Fields - Jeezlh
15 Zaril & Xerxes - Vinter
16 Suffuse - Aware [chilled mix]
17 Sundial Aeon - The Northern Hemisphere Balance
18 Scann-tec - Innermost Desires
19 Seaman - Magic Forest
20 Seifert - Pole of Inaccessibility

Usual disclaimer:
These mixes are put together purely for my own enjoyment and not for any financial gain. Please support all the artists featured by purchasing their material from official sources...

...and play, enjoy, float & dream...
aka theORBscureDDJ

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