Sunday, 18 January 2015

Do Robots Dream? [session 21]

It really has been too long hasn't it... well, better late than never, here is the 21st instalment of my "Do Robots Dream?" series. This will be the very first time one of these instalments will be available as a complete full session rather than split across two CD's. Its universal premier will be held in the ships aft cocktail bar tonight whilst en-route to Alpha Centauri, so charge your glasses and raise them in a toast to the music makers from all corners of the old homeworld...

01 Humate - 3.2 [bedrock ambient mix]
02 Kim and Buran - Teleskope
03 Zero Cult - Aleph
04 Suduaya - Secret Land
05 Gysnoize - Everything and Nothing
06 Luca de Maas - No Forgiveness [chillout version]
07 Carbon Based Lifeforms - Reaktion
08 Digital Rain - Night Passion
09 Miktek - Elsewhere [the fade edit]
10 Harax - Diomedea
11 Stellardrone - Light Years
12 Solar Fields - Bigger Stream
13 Circular - Glassy [live edit]
14 Alpha Wave Movement - The Edge of Infinity
15 Dream Lab - Cryogenic Suspension II
16 Maluns - Electronic Basil
17 Nygen Dale - Highway Hypnosis
18 Vinid & State V - Belief
19 Dhamika - Ayurveda
20 State Azure - Converging
21 Submersion - To Be Continued
22 Tony B - One Way Ticket
23 Luke Pn - Be Free At Last
24 Michael Tanner - Exor

Usual disclaimer:
These mixes are put together purely for my own enjoyment and not for any financial gain. Please support all the artists featured by purchasing their material from official sources...

...and play, enjoy, float & dream...
aka theORBscureDDJ

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