Monday, 27 February 2012

Fresh off the mixer... "Do Robots Dream? [volume 19]

Fresh from me digital mixing software, here is the track listing for the latest instalment of my "Do Robots Dream?" series:

1. H2O - Undersea
2. Artemis - Subterranean [hidden kisses mix]
3. Aquascape - Phoenix Dance
4. Luis Vaquero - Opum
5. Asad Rizvi - Nobody's Home [ulrich schnauss remix]
6. UeNN - Landscapes
7. Nagual Sound Experiment - Grainface
8. Sounds from the Ground - Pearl
9. Infinate Scale - Plrkel
10. Soehngen - Farting Fog Force
11. Gaiana - Silenzio Delle Sirene [album edit]
12. Digitonal - Maris Stella

1. Bolo - No Faith
2. Echaskech - The Calm
3. Magic Sound Fabric - Fire Within
4. Shulman - First Came The Stars [bluetech remix]
5. Sync 24 - Adrift in Time [drumalix edit]
6. Astralasia - The Spark Of Life
7. Holmes Ives - Where Are You [tad hutchinson remix]
8. Puff Dragon - Chinese Radio [beijing taxi version]
9. Ochi Brothers - Flowing Synergy
10. Rocket Empire - Cruising the Galaxy [orbscure extended instrumental]
11. Ganja Beats - Utopia
12. Hanzel und Gretyl - Stress Pill

As always, these mixes are put together purely for my own enjoyment and not for any financial gain. Please support all the artists featured by purchasing their material from official sources...

...and play, enjoy, float & dream...

aka theORBscureDDJ

Friday, 24 February 2012

Update: Do Robots Dream? 19...

Crikey... is it really 4+ months since I last added something here? Well, the starship ORBscure has taken advantage of the winter months and has been in dry dock undergoing essential maintenance. Good news is that "Do Robots Dream 19" is currently under construction and should be available in the ships musical archive in the next week or so... you'll hear about it here first of course me hearties!!! Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of ice cold Becks in the ships bar...

Cheers'n'cold beers
aka theORBscureDDJ
+ play + enjoy + float + dream +

Do Robots Dream? [session 054]