Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gel-Sol - k8ema [release date 06-09-10]

Fellow Orb mailing list member, and top musician in his own right, Gel-Sol has announced release of his latest long player titled "k8ema"... According to Gel-Sol himself.. "it's psychedelic ambient, and sort of a follow-up to my last album IZ. Not sure how to describe it really, but it's lush and abstract and trippy!"

Available via Darla Records here and an album sampler can be found on soundcloud here

Check out his previous release IZ here and I also recommend you look up his back catalogue:

Music Made for You... And by You I Mean Me on Gel-Sol Music [2003]
Gel-Sol 1104 on em:t recordings [2004]
Unifactor on Upstairs Recordings [2007]

He also has a blog here... so there is no excuse for you not to check it out!

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