Monday, 19 April 2010

Its arrived... Baghdad Batteries Limited Edition Box!

Well, its arrived and what a mighty fine set it is. Sure, it may just look like a simple cardboard box, but once open, you soon appreciate the time and effort put into it by the guys'n'gals at Malicious Damage. Well done again Mike! Numbered 003, its a fantastic package and just goes to show what can be put together by those who care for an artist. The little personal touches really make this box something special. Here are a selection of images of what you get for your dosh!

Don't just take my word for it folks... visit the Malicious Damage Shop today and order yours before they sell out!

Monday, 12 April 2010


Some more nice bits'n'pieces from one of the side projects the good Dr.LX is involved in. HFB are definitely worth checking out people...

HFB's EP#1 arrives in all the usual online stores today (12th April). Click here to go straight to iTunes... Here's what you get:

Harmless Feather Bed - featuring Dynamax: all the way from Brooklyn via France and most the rest of the hip-hop loving world. Slice of the Old and New Skools

Hoops for Baskets - Bringing the summer on

HeptaFleuroButryl - this compound contains a large slice of East London's finest (MOBO Award Winning) MC, Funky DL and introduces you to the tones of Kay Elizabeth

Here's what Blues and Soul had to say about it:

Dr Alex ‘Orb’ Paterson makes up half of High Frequency Bandwidth. Some people won’t need to read any further than that. That Paterson is involved in the project will be enough to ensure a quality product. But Patterson isn’t alone, he’s joined by versatile producer/remixer Dom Beken and together they go about adding their golden touches to practically every minute of music on the releases. Listened to as a whole, the EP’s play like an album broken into three instalments. The tracks are a real soup of funkiness, laid back grooves and lush instrumentals. With a scattering of guests such as Dynamax who adds a real old skool rap flavour to the sound, you’ll be struggling to dislike this collection of tunes, all three EP’s contain flawlessly executed samples and simple but perfect orchestration and production.
WORDS ADAM IRVING The Hash Wednesday Sessions
Still going strong on a bi-weekly basis - we're back again 1600 to 2200 GMT this Wednesday at The last two shows now there on the archive for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Next HFB Event
Tickets now on sale for HFB Live in Canterbury on 7th May at The Orange Street Music Club:

If you're thinking of going... looks like we'll be at playing the Sunday at Glastonbury this year too: more details to follow.

Thanks for supporting HFB!

Do Robots Dream? [session 054]