Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Orb - BBC6 Mix [24-10-10]

Caught this earlier tonight and managed to recorded it in full, warts'n'all... There were far too many jingles throughout and the news bulletin twice during the set scuppered my thoughts of being able to work on it and make a decent edited version... but its an interesting 2 hour show nonetheless...

The set list was as follows:

1. Ulf Lohmann — Because Before
2. Ashra — Walking The Desert/Second Movement
3. PIL — Radio 4
4. Bunri — N.U.M.B
5. Monobox — Trade [Ricardo Villalobos Remix]
6. Kid Koala Kid Koala — Carpet Tunnel Syndrome
7. PIL — Radio 4
8. The Orb The Orb — Glen Coe
9. The Orb — Edelblut
10.The Orb — Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown
11.HFB — Hundred Forty Billion [Gaudi MiX]
12.The Orb The Orb — Itchy
13.Superpitcher — Tomorrow
14.Elizabeth Taylor — London
15.Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong — What A Wonderful World [The Orb Remix]
16.Coldcut Coldcut — Timbu [The Orb Remix]
17.Ennio Morricone Ennio Morricone — The Good, the Bad & The Ugly
18.The Upsetters — Return of The Django [The Orb Remix]
19.Indian Allstars — Open Your Eyes
20.Autolump — Function


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Update: Metallic Spheres

More news via the official website here and also a very nice interview snippet here too... really looking forward to this...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Orb & Youth Compile Three Disc WAU Mr Modo Compilation

Looks like The Orb's co-founder, Alex Paterson has been quite busy lately. A while back, the classic mixtape he made alongside Thomas Fehlmann for Coldcut's radio show back in 1991 was reintroduced to the world, and more recently, Paterson joined forces with Martin Glover (a.k.a. Youth) and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on the forthcoming Metallic Spheres album. Now, Paterson and Glover will revisit the days of late-'80s acid-house with a lengthy compilation telling the story of their WAU! Mr. Modo label. Entitled The Orb & Youth Present: Impossible Oddities, the release features classics and rarities from the likes of Insync, Mystic Knights, Indica Allstars, Readymade, Eternity, Uncle 22, and, of course, The Orb. The mix album will packaged along with artwork by The KLF's Jimmy Cauty, a poster made up of music press cuttings from the '80s and '90s, and a bonus third disc featuring a DJ mix of WAU! Mr. Modo tracks by The Orb. You can check out the cover and tracklist before Impossible Oddities is released on September 11

1. THE ORB ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ [Demo Version] **
2. ETERNITY ‘Ashram House’ (Extended Mix)
3. THE ORB ‘Tripping On Sunshine’ (Live Mix)
4. DISCOTEC 2000 ‘Feel This’
5. STP TWENTY THREE ‘Let Jimi Take Over’ (Ultramix 1)
6. JOHNSON DEAN FEAT LYNDA LAW - ‘Somebody Somewhere’(Black Country Mix)
7. UNCLE 22 - ‘LOVE’
8. PARADISE X ‘2 Much’ (Out Of This World Mix)
9. DELKOM ‘Superjack’ (Orbital Infusion 2000)
10. SUN ELECTRIC ‘O'Locco’ (Orbital Therapy Part 1)
11. INDICA ALL STARS ‘Open Our Eyes’ (Original)
12. INDICA ALL STARS ‘Open Our Eyes’ (New Style Version)
13. MYSTIC KNIGHTS ‘Filo Funk’

1. ZOE ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ [Reformation version] **
2. BLOWFLY ‘Work Your Body’ (Work Your Body Mix)
3. ETERNITY ‘Blackcurrant’
4. INSYNC ‘Reflection’
5. READYMADE ‘See Saw’ (Victor)
6. STP TWENTY THREE ‘Some Lovin' (Just A Beat) (Massive Mix)
7. UNCLE 22 ‘Sulpher Salsa’
9. INSYNC ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Original Mix)
10. MYSTIC KNIGHTS ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ (Long Play Mix)
11. UNCLE 22 ‘Is It House?’
12. SOUND IRITATION ‘Seventh Seal’

CD 3
1. UNCLE 22 ‘The Man From…’
2. SUN ELECTRIC ‘O'Locco’ (Orbital Therapy Part 5)
3. STP TWENTYTHREE ‘Goldfinger’ (Alpine Drive Mix)
4. PARADISE X ‘2 Much’ (Out Of This World Mix)
5. GEORGETTE DELLA ROSA ‘D'ya Wanna’ (Roots Mix)
6. READYMADE ‘Ambient State‘ (Edit)
7. INSYNC ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Ambient Mix)
9. JAM ON THE MUTHA ‘Hotel California’ (Orbitally Ambient Mix)
10. APPOLO XI ‘Peace’ (In The Middle East)
11. STP TWENTYTHREE ‘I'm Gonna Love You' (Pablo Style Mix)
12. DELKOM ‘Superjack” (Neutron Infusion 9000)


With thanks to Joe from FL on the Orb Mailing list for the pointer...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More news on the Orb featuring David Gilmour

...more info on the Orb featuring David Gilmour can be found here

the Orb vs David Gilmour - Metallic Speheres due October!

As was reported here back in October 2009, the rumours concerning The Orb collaborating with David Gilmour appear to be taking

David himself made the following mention of the project on his own website here...

"David & Orb Rumours True – Up To A Point - Recent comments by ambient exponents The Orb's Alex Paterson that they have been collaborating with David Gilmour are true – up to a point. David has done some recording with The Orb and producer Youth, inspired initially by the plight of Gary McKinnon (see our related stories). However, nothing is finalised, and nothing has been confirmed with regards to any structure for the recordings or firm details re: any release plans"

Add to this is the following snippet of footage posted on YouTube featuring Dave jamming with Youth! Watch the clip here which makes mention of the release in October of an album called Metallic Spheres!
(with thanks to Nick King on the orbxmission mailing list for the pointer)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Check out "Side Liner"

Another recommendation for you peeps... why not check out Side Liner via his MySpace webpage here. Not only have a couple of his tracks/remixes made their way onto my "Do Robots Dream?" series, he has recorded the following six superb long players:

[2010] Human Recycle
[2010] Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle
[2009] Crying Cities
[2008] My Guardian Angel
[2007] Once Upon A Time
[2006] Emotional Diving

Go on... I dare you... support the artist and download his material from official sources... you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Gel-Sol - k8ema [release date 06-09-10]

Fellow Orb mailing list member, and top musician in his own right, Gel-Sol has announced release of his latest long player titled "k8ema"... According to Gel-Sol himself.. "it's psychedelic ambient, and sort of a follow-up to my last album IZ. Not sure how to describe it really, but it's lush and abstract and trippy!"

Available via Darla Records here and an album sampler can be found on soundcloud here

Check out his previous release IZ here and I also recommend you look up his back catalogue:

Music Made for You... And by You I Mean Me on Gel-Sol Music [2003]
Gel-Sol 1104 on em:t recordings [2004]
Unifactor on Upstairs Recordings [2007]

He also has a blog here... so there is no excuse for you not to check it out!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Do Robots Dream? [volume 16]

Its taken some time, but I've finally managed to pull together enough tracks for another instalment in my "Do Robots Dream?" series. Fresh of the mixer today, here is the track listing:

disc 1
01 - Zero Cult - Inside The Urban Ocean
02 - D.Batistatos - In the Bottom of the Ocean [side liner remix]
03 - Orange - Relax v02
04 - Caia - Remembrance
05 - Astropilot - Yasmin
06 - Jon Hopkins - Lost in Thought
07 - Entheogenic - Midnight Eyes
08 - Kick Bong - Outside The Mountain
09 - Master Margerita - Schulze Echoes
10 - Alka - Subset Sixteen
11 - Makyo - A Distant Star

disc 2
01 - Deep Space Network - Nothing Is
02 - Jens Buchert - Mellow Yellow
03 - Higher Intelligence Agency - Skank
04 - Magic Sound Fabric - Dimension Shift
05 - Mind Soup - Umami
06 - Accadia - Blind Visions [accadia ambient mix)
07 - Volta - Voltesque
08 - Side Liner - Once Upon a Time [zero cult remix]
09 - Triac [feat sharon] - Anticipation
10 - Eastern Sun - Amaranthine
11 - Triola - Ag Penthouse

CD 1
CD 2

As ever, please can I ask that you support ALL the artists in this series by purchasing their music from official resources.


Pete (aka theORBscureDDJ)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Its arrived... Baghdad Batteries Limited Edition Box!

Well, its arrived and what a mighty fine set it is. Sure, it may just look like a simple cardboard box, but once open, you soon appreciate the time and effort put into it by the guys'n'gals at Malicious Damage. Well done again Mike! Numbered 003, its a fantastic package and just goes to show what can be put together by those who care for an artist. The little personal touches really make this box something special. Here are a selection of images of what you get for your dosh!

Don't just take my word for it folks... visit the Malicious Damage Shop today and order yours before they sell out!

Monday, 12 April 2010


Some more nice bits'n'pieces from one of the side projects the good Dr.LX is involved in. HFB are definitely worth checking out people...

HFB's EP#1 arrives in all the usual online stores today (12th April). Click here to go straight to iTunes... Here's what you get:

Harmless Feather Bed - featuring Dynamax: all the way from Brooklyn via France and most the rest of the hip-hop loving world. Slice of the Old and New Skools

Hoops for Baskets - Bringing the summer on

HeptaFleuroButryl - this compound contains a large slice of East London's finest (MOBO Award Winning) MC, Funky DL and introduces you to the tones of Kay Elizabeth

Here's what Blues and Soul had to say about it:

Dr Alex ‘Orb’ Paterson makes up half of High Frequency Bandwidth. Some people won’t need to read any further than that. That Paterson is involved in the project will be enough to ensure a quality product. But Patterson isn’t alone, he’s joined by versatile producer/remixer Dom Beken and together they go about adding their golden touches to practically every minute of music on the releases. Listened to as a whole, the EP’s play like an album broken into three instalments. The tracks are a real soup of funkiness, laid back grooves and lush instrumentals. With a scattering of guests such as Dynamax who adds a real old skool rap flavour to the sound, you’ll be struggling to dislike this collection of tunes, all three EP’s contain flawlessly executed samples and simple but perfect orchestration and production.
WORDS ADAM IRVING The Hash Wednesday Sessions
Still going strong on a bi-weekly basis - we're back again 1600 to 2200 GMT this Wednesday at The last two shows now there on the archive for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Next HFB Event
Tickets now on sale for HFB Live in Canterbury on 7th May at The Orange Street Music Club:

If you're thinking of going... looks like we'll be at playing the Sunday at Glastonbury this year too: more details to follow.

Thanks for supporting HFB!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

More Orb Goodies from Malicious Damage

Fresh from those wonderful guys at Malicious Damage

we're now taking orders for the baghdad batteries vinyl and we also have a unique special edtion cardborb boxed set [see attached]

this double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve features 2 extra tracks that are not on the CD, although one of them, dolly unit remix, did appear on the japanese CD release
styrofoam meltdown 3:45, chocolate fingers 5:14
baghdad batteries 5:09, raven's reprise 4:13
dolly unit 5:02, super soakers 8:42, orban tumbleweed 3:33
suburban smog 6:52, pebbles 1:08
woodlarking 3:48, OOPA 6:12
chucks peaks 9:22, dolly unit remix 8:48


this is a magnificent piece of nonsensical frippery that looks like it was posted from baghdad in 1938
here's what you get:

*the double vinyl [tracklisting above]
* the UK CD release
* a special bonus CDR of alternative interpretations
* a wallet of recently discovered photographs & documents
* a small tin of associated paraphernalia [copper wires, paper clips, pennies, lemon balm seeds numbered badge, action figure]
* a unique personalised certificate of authentication stamped by the orb & malicious damage

the bonus CDR of alternative interpretations features:
chucks peaks 9:22 [same mix as on the vinyl]
styro 3.:43
mutant ambience 5:28
suburban ambience 4:36
the doll 4:18
plastic thrills 5:18
styrofoam capital 10:04

it's all at

there'll be a full malicious gossip next week jampacked full of easter gobbledygook...
cheers for now,

Friday, 5 March 2010

Time for some music peeps...

As promised, here are the latest two discs for "Do Robots Dream? [volume 15]...

Disc One
Disc Two

Un-zip with WINrar... and please support these artists by purchasing their material through legitimate websites etc... if any artists wants me to remove these mixes, let me know and I'll be happy to delete them.

Finally, although I make these mix CD's for my own pleasure and for no financial gain, it would be nice to get some feedback from those who download them as to whether they are any good.

In the meantime...

Friday, 26 February 2010

Do Robots Dream? [volume 15]

As a result of my recently having time off work through illness and listening to hours of SomaFM's Space Station Soma, here is the track listing for the next instalment of my Do Robots Dream series. This two disc compilation is hot off my mixer tonight and I'm just playing it through my home hi-fi to check that it sounds good...

disc one
01 - Transfinite - Utopia
02 - The Orb - Codes
03 - Chronos - Ice Hearts Age [side liner remix]
04 - Olivier Orand - Flashback
05 - Altitudes - Altitude One
06 - Modulate - Dreams
07 - SinQ - Experiments One
08 - Ohmegatribe - Panacea
09 - Phutureprimitive - Rite of Passage
10 - Hector Zazou - Enoch Arden-Brandan

disc two
01 - Zerotonine - Lunatic
02 - Infinite Dream - Koala & Xentrix
03 - Ra - Cloudwalker
04 - Gaudi vs Tripswitch - Subdown
05 - Perpetual Loop - Eastern Sunbreak
06 - Dreams Without Numbers - String Swing
07 - The Omm Squad - Strange Harvest [side liner remix]
08 - Amphotic - Sternenschrei
09 - Alex Scheffer - Under Your Mind
10 - Kirsty Hawkshaw - Orange

As ever, I would recommend that you support all the artists in this series by purchasing & downloading their material from official sources.


Pete (aka theORBscureDDJ)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Cue the music... for your inflight entertainment

Better late than never... but apologies for the delay nonetheless... here are both discs for "Do Robots Dream? Volume 14"...

Do Robots Dream? Volume 14, Disc One
Do Robots Dream? Volume 14, Disc Two

Un-zip with WINrar... and please support these artists by purchasing their material through legitimate websites etc...


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Do Robots Dream? [volume 14]

Its been a while, and before I give you the details of my latest 2CD mix, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year...

Now onto the matter in hand... here is the latest track listing for the next instalment of my "Do Robots Dream" series..

disc one
01 Full Moon Fashions - Yes
02 Bola - Vertiphon
03 Dream Generator - Call Waiting
04 Global Communication - Alpha Phase
05 The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow
06 Sensurreal - Confidential Suite
07 Fluid - The Man With Three Heads
08 Kick Bong - Blissfull
09 Excelsior - Plug
10 Alka - Subset Sixteen

disc two
01 Geb.El - Schulfernsehen 3 [a new science]
02 Abyssal Plains - Orange River
03 Mikael Fyrek - Giant Reds and Blues
04 Pentatonik - Devotion
05 LSG - Give Me Your Hand & El Tiburon
06 GLO - Moon Chroming
07 Aes Dana - Lysistrata [album edit]
08 Chilled C'Quence - Form of Life
09 209 - Kuba - The Operative Word
10 210 - T.I.T - Utopian Vision Of Love
11 - Alexander Daf - Zen Garden

As per the previous release, I hope to enable download via Rapidshare - so watch this space. I would also like to recommend that you support all the artists in this series by purchasing & downloading their material from official sources...


Pete (aka theORBscureDDJ)

Do Robots Dream? [session 054]