Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The BBC 6Mix... in its entirety!

By popular demand (well one visitor anyway) here is the complete two hour BBC 6Mix with the good Dr.LX on the controls...

BBC 6Mix [part 1]
BBC 6Mix [part 2]

...and enjoy

Sunday, 13 September 2009

BBC 6Mix - The Orb in the Mix [edited set]

Hot off me digital mixer, here's an whittled down version on the longer mix. It still comes in at 55+ minutes long but is just minus the good Dr.LX's interesting interjections and BBC jingles...

BBC 6Mix, The Orb in the Mix [10.09.09]

Both this and the full 2hr show are also now available from me via Soulseek too..

aka theORBscureDDJ

The Orb - BBC 6 Mix!

Legendary ambient pioneers The Orb takeover the 6 Mix on the eve of the release of their ninth studio album.

Founded by 'Dr' Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty in 1988, the Orb became pioneers of ambient techno, forging their own chillout sound after Cauty left to concentrate on his other band, the KLF. Best known for their massive hits Little Fluffy Clouds and Perpetual Dawn, the band have continued to push the boundaries of electronic music over the last twenty years.

Following on from their acclaimed 6 Mix last year, Dr Alex Patterson plays some of his favourite dance records of all time, as well as playing and talking about the musical inspirations behind his new album Baghdad Batteries. There's also a brand new sixty minute Orb mix in the final hour of the programme.

Direct link (for 6 days only) from here

But recorded by yours truly and available for d/load soon...

Do Robots Dream? [session 054]