Saturday, 27 June 2009

Unreleased track in memory of Andy Hughes

As a tribute to Andy Hughes, an unreleased track from his days/involvement with the em:t record label has been dug out by Orb Mailing List Member (and superb musician in his own right) Gel-Sol. These were his comments about the track on the mailing list:

"Ok, I found the track! And yeah, it kinda reminds me of the Orb's remix of Gong's "A PHP's Advice. I don't have much info on this track, let alone a name. For all I know, this track was unreleased, and was intended for a future em:t records compilation (em:t folded shortly after this, most likely for picking up shit bands like Gel-Sol and 302 Acid.

I was visiting the UK in the summer of '05 when Matt Hall of em:t records played this for me. I believe he said the track was unfinished, but I had to have it! Either way, this mix sounds quite good. ENJOY!

Yer Pal,
Andy Reichel, aka Gel-Sol"

So thanks to Andy R for digging out this marvellous little and I think you'll agree that its a fitting tribute to Andy Hughes. In fact, if you download this track, perhaps you could see fit to add whatever contribution you feel you could afford to the ongoing collection in his memory here? No matter how big or small, the guys'n'gals that looked after Andy during his final days do a wonderful job and your donation will go a long way to ensure that others who are suffering enjoy the same high standard of care Andy did...

Anyway here is a link to download the track... and as Gel-Sol said.. ENJOY!...


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