Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jupiter and beyond the Infinite [orbscure hal 9000 backside mix]

Afternoon peeps... whilst in between "Do Robots Dream?" mixes, I thought I share with you my very first foray into my mixing - which is still one of my favourite Orb related mixes:

jupiter and beyond the infinite (orbscure hal 9000 backside mix)
catalogue no: orbscureCD01
mixed by theORBscureDDJ, May 2002

01 - Intro (far side of the clangers)
02 - The Orb - Backside of the Moon (under water deep space)
03 - Primal Scream - Higher than the Orb
04 - Semisonic - Secret Smile (orb chillout mix - the morning after)
05 - SE Berlin - Shuttle
06 - Ayumi Hamasaki - End of the World (7" Nigh Laddy Remix)
07 - Denez Prigent - Yann Chaseour Heart of Black Hole (orb remix)
08 - Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears (ambient mix)
09 - The Orb - Blue Room (blue lamp mix)
10 - WIR - So And Slow It Grows (orb in atlas mix)
11 - The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (cumulo nimbus mix)
12 - KLF - 3am Eternal (blue danube orbital mix)

Download from here

Password = orbscure

enjoy, comment, share and spread the word...



danino said...

izzat music ?
does it speak french at least ?

theORBscureDDJ said...

...of course it is music! Pffttt...

lazy said...

Yes I have your 1st mix thanks alot!! now to get the rest lol

theORBscureDDJ said...

Cheers Mr.Lazy... just upping my cydonia [complete excursion] as i type... i'll see what i can do with the rest of me orb related material too... ;o)

Do Robots Dream? [session 053]

Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for continuing to fly with theORBscureDDJ [+play+enjoy+float+dream+]