Sunday, 28 June 2009

Download links for "Do Robots Dream? [volume 13]"

As promised, having just sat and listened to both CD's through my main music system and being that I'm very happy with the results, I'm now able to provide links to download the latest addition to my "Do Robots Dream" compilation series...

Disc One
Disc Two

As per usual, these mixes are not put together for any sort of financial gain. They are purely for my own enjoyment, but if others get something from them too, then I am more than happy yo share them with you. I would ask that you support the original artists by purchasing or downloading their material through official sources. Without the time and effort these artists put into producing this wonderful music, this blog would not be here.

If you are the artists for any of the tracks I've included you wish me to remove either of the two discs, please let me know and I'll be happy to delete them...

In the meantime...


Do Robots Dream? [volume 13]

Fresh from being mixed today, here is the track listing for the latest instalment of my "Do Robots Dream?" remix compilation. This will be the first two CD set to be available to download, so watch this space for more details...

cd one
01 Virtual Dawn - Gliding
02 Drift - Ember [rem-ember mix]
03 Solar Fields - Electric Fluid
04 Crystal Moon - Butterfly
05 HUVA Network - Morning Call [ambient version]
06 Dimension 5 - Flow
07 Pitch Black - Ape to Angel [bluetechs evolution remix]
08 Ibizarre - Vision
09 Tom Middleton - Shinkansen
10 AGK - The Shortest Romance

cd two
01 Banco de Gaia - Starstation Earth [edit]
02 Syt - Nu Dawn
03 Cell - Blue Embers
04 Andy Hunter - Show
05 The Glimmer Room - Everyday I Die For Your Body [live 05]
06 DreamSpy - DreamSpy [eq mix]
07 Kansai - Remember This Night [chillout mix]
08 Moodflow - Orbitals
09 Sublunar [feat Aya] - Kojo No Tsuki [ami remix]
10 Young American Primitive - Daydream

...and enjoy!
+ play + enjoy + float + dream +

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Unreleased track in memory of Andy Hughes

As a tribute to Andy Hughes, an unreleased track from his days/involvement with the em:t record label has been dug out by Orb Mailing List Member (and superb musician in his own right) Gel-Sol. These were his comments about the track on the mailing list:

"Ok, I found the track! And yeah, it kinda reminds me of the Orb's remix of Gong's "A PHP's Advice. I don't have much info on this track, let alone a name. For all I know, this track was unreleased, and was intended for a future em:t records compilation (em:t folded shortly after this, most likely for picking up shit bands like Gel-Sol and 302 Acid.

I was visiting the UK in the summer of '05 when Matt Hall of em:t records played this for me. I believe he said the track was unfinished, but I had to have it! Either way, this mix sounds quite good. ENJOY!

Yer Pal,
Andy Reichel, aka Gel-Sol"

So thanks to Andy R for digging out this marvellous little and I think you'll agree that its a fitting tribute to Andy Hughes. In fact, if you download this track, perhaps you could see fit to add whatever contribution you feel you could afford to the ongoing collection in his memory here? No matter how big or small, the guys'n'gals that looked after Andy during his final days do a wonderful job and your donation will go a long way to ensure that others who are suffering enjoy the same high standard of care Andy did...

Anyway here is a link to download the track... and as Gel-Sol said.. ENJOY!...


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Update: "Do Robots Dream 13" in progress

On the back of this weeks sad events... I will be working on the latest instalment of my "Do Robots Dream?" series this weekend, so watch this space for an announcement of the track listing etc in the middle to end of next week...


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Andy Hughes... sweet dreams and thanks for the music...

As many of you have no doubt already read or heard elsewhere, former Orb band member and contributor Andy Hughes has passed away on Friday 12th June at the ridiculously young age of 44...

As many long-term fans of the Orb will testify & appreciate, their most productive and inspirational period between 1989-1999 was in no small way due to the input of Andy along with the good Dr.LX, Kris "Thrash" Weston and the rest of the crew members of HMS Orb. He contributed in no small way to what was the classic Orb sound and was especially involved with their 1997 album Orblivion, the successful single Toxygene, as well as the global tour which followed culminating in a sell out concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 1998. After the Orb, he started producing his own music as well as being sought out my other artists to add his own unique touches to their work.

Andy leaves a wife and a two children and my thoughts are with them and his immediate family at this painful time...

Andy’s funeral will take place at West Norwood Crematorium, Norwood Road SE 27on Monday 29th June ’09 at 11.45am. The service will be open to anyone wishing to attend. It is hoped to arrange a Tribute concert in the future to allow his many fans and friends to meet up. Any floral tributes to Funeral Directors W. Uden & Sons, 265 Southampton Way, Camberwell, London SE9 7EN or donations to the Liver Intensive Therapy Unit, Kings College Hospital via the web site

Rest in peace my friend, sweet dreams and thanks for the music...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Orbscure Adventure Beyond the Ultraworld [one small step tranquillity bass remix]

Orbscure Adventure Beyond the Ultraworld
[one small step tranquillity bass remix]

catalogue no: orbscureCD02
mixed by theORBscureDDJ, June 2002

01 - Little Fluffy Clouds (adam freeland tsunami one remix)
02 - Reefer Spin In The Galaxy (supernova at the end of the universe remix)
03 - Spanish Castles in Space (castles in goa mix)
04 - Perpetual Dawn (ultrabass ii)
05 - Towers of Dub (ambient mix)
06 - Star 6 & 7 8 9 (phase ii)
07 - A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain that Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld (the full monty ambient version)
08 - Into the Fourth Dimension

Download from here


Friday, 5 June 2009

Cydonia [the complete excursion]

Cydonia [the complete excursion]
catalogue no: orbscureCD15
mixed by theORBscureDDJ, April 2005

cd1 - first excursion (the outward journey)
01 - terminus
02 - bicycles & tricycles
03 - hamlet of kings
04 - promis
05 - freely wheely
06 - ghostdancing
07 - egnable
08 - plumb island
09 - ralf

cd2 - second excursion (first contact)
01 - EDM
02 - firestar
03 - turn it down
04 - yungle
05 - a mile long lump of lard
06 - 111
07 - centuries
08 - jam om yer honey
09 - thursday's keeper
10 - once more

Download CD 1 from here
Download CD 2 from here


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Jupiter and beyond the Infinite [orbscure hal 9000 backside mix]

Afternoon peeps... whilst in between "Do Robots Dream?" mixes, I thought I share with you my very first foray into my mixing - which is still one of my favourite Orb related mixes:

jupiter and beyond the infinite (orbscure hal 9000 backside mix)
catalogue no: orbscureCD01
mixed by theORBscureDDJ, May 2002

01 - Intro (far side of the clangers)
02 - The Orb - Backside of the Moon (under water deep space)
03 - Primal Scream - Higher than the Orb
04 - Semisonic - Secret Smile (orb chillout mix - the morning after)
05 - SE Berlin - Shuttle
06 - Ayumi Hamasaki - End of the World (7" Nigh Laddy Remix)
07 - Denez Prigent - Yann Chaseour Heart of Black Hole (orb remix)
08 - Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears (ambient mix)
09 - The Orb - Blue Room (blue lamp mix)
10 - WIR - So And Slow It Grows (orb in atlas mix)
11 - The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (cumulo nimbus mix)
12 - KLF - 3am Eternal (blue danube orbital mix)

Download from here

Password = orbscure

enjoy, comment, share and spread the word...


Do Robots Dream? [session 054]