Thursday, 5 March 2009

Do Robots Dream? [volume 12]

Hot from me desktop mixer, here is the track listing for the next instalment of my "Do Robots Dream? [volume 12]. As has been the case with every single one of my previous mixes, these are done for my own enjoyment and not for any financial gain. If they encourage you to go out a hunt down these or other obscure trax, then mission accomplished!

cd one
01 - OceanLab - Satellite [orbscure extended deep chill]
02 - Zerotonine - Lunatic
03 - Radium88 - The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Space Traveller
04 - Ohmega Tribe - Nadir
05 - Banco de Gaia - Maya
06 - Spice Barons - White Moon [full moon mix]
07 - Darshan Ambient - The Geometer of Dreams
08 - Entrancing Iris - Sub-Ocean
09 - Carbon Based Lifeforms - MOS 6581
10 - Young American Primitive - Sunrise
11 - Moravec - Kudelstaart
12 - Tangerine Dream - Lady Monk

cd two
01 - Bluetech - Leaving Winter Behind
02 - G.O.L. - No Bounds
03 - A Positive Life - The Calling [ambient mix]
04 - William Orbit - Say Anything
05 - Mind Soup - The Smell of Wet Rocks
06 - Russ Gabriel - Airborne
07 - Sensitive Chaos - Android Cat Dreams Of Mice
08 - Symppath - Pond Life
09 - Zero Cult - Reflections [side liner remix]
10 - Single Cell Orchestra - Knockout Drops [200 proof mix]

...enjoy people


Synthejim said...

Thanks for including my Sensitive Chaos "Android Cat Dreams Of Mice" track. Lovely company you've mixed in here!

theORBscureDDJ said...

My pleasure Jim... its a beautiful track and sits perfectly within the mix...

This reminds me to look further into finding your album Leak. For those interested, check out the two links below:

Sensitive Chaos - Leak
MySpace - Sensitive Chaos

Do you have any new material in the pipeline?

theORBscureDDJ said...

...just seen your new CD "Emerging Transparency" here Jim... so ignore my late nite ramblings. Just downloading it (along with "Leak") from CDBaby as I type and gonna give both a good working over tomorrow... ;O)


Do Robots Dream? [session 053]

Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for continuing to fly with theORBscureDDJ [+play+enjoy+float+dream+]