Friday, 19 December 2008

Transit Kings "Early Bath"

Fresh from those superb guys at Malicious Damage comes a numbered limited edition collection of rare and unreleased transit kings tracks all the vinyl remixes, plus two new tracks, an orb remix and the 32-minute live set that was broadcast on eddy temple-morris's XFM remix show, all sumptuously packaged in the usual malicious stylee.

Well, mine arrived today and its a fantastic little package. If you haven't experienced a Malicious Damage release, then you really don't know what your missing. And for £11.50 delivered to my front door, its cracking value too... you even get a receipt with a personal thanks!

Anyway, the tracks included are:

01 japanese cars [burning donuts mix] 6:08
02 butterflies 4:29
03 america is unavailable [sss ding dong mix] 4:42
04 boom bang bombay [saffron mix] 6:10
05 blow boy 6:24
06 cave 5:10
07 the last lighthouse keeper [the orb mix] 6:38
08 transit kings live [XFM super-chunk] 32:32

More details from here... and while your there, take a look at their other Orb and Transit Kings material... and support your independant record labels...

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