Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Do Robots Dream? [volume 11]

For whatever reason, and I can't put my finger on it, its been a real struggle finding tracks to add to this latest excursion. However, better late than never (and what a way to bring in 2009) here is the track listing for the latest two-disc set in my expanding "Do Robots Dream" series...

cd one
01 - Dine - Exit
02 - Analog Pussy - Rug-c [part 3]
03 - Nalepa - Fresh
04 - Abyssal Plains - Daybreak in Roatan
05 - Bocham Welt - La Nuit [slumber mix]
06 - Ibizarre - Siroco
07 - Matt Coldrick & Matt Hiller - Fire Dance
08 - Erwin van Moll - The Great Lover
09 - Universal Selector - Marisol [warm dub mix]
10 - Time Warp - I Had a Trip Once
11 - Weatherman - Stereophonic Initiation

cd two
01 - Ishq - Bhakti
02 - The Verbrilli Sound - Interstellar Spy Story
03 - Ben Neill - Dream Phase
04 - Steve Roach - Wings of Icarus
05 - Jaia - Alone
06 - Alien Mutation - Cloudhopping
07 - Genuine - Clearing the Past
08 - Artemis - Subterranean [hidden kisses mix]
09 - Russ Gabriel - Airborne
10 - Adrian Bahil - Twisted City
11 - Telefon Tel Aviv - Introductory Nomenclature
12 - Zion Train - Mossman [zion train remix]

I'm just listening to the finished complete mix for the first time as I type and it really does sound quite good. Best wishes to you all for 2009...


danino said...

could be your friend...
i just read your mail and i'm happy to find you again...
so... that's where you where...

theORBscureDDJ said...

Bonour mon amie... yes indeed, it is me, your british chum! Merde, Castles in Space is a friend of this blog already... and I am here every now and again... magnifique!!!

Dinamo said...

Hi there! Do I qualify for a free copy of Do Robots Dream? [Vol 11]?



theORBscureDDJ said...

Hey there Mr Dinamo... my mixes aren't available for sale, they are just personal mix cd's/mps that I put together based on music I invariably hear and like on one of the SomaFM radio channels. I then upload them to my iPod or just chill out to them after a hard day in the office...

Love the track BTW, are you planning any further material or have any links that me and others here can follow?

Pete (aka theORBscureDDJ)
+ play + enjoy + float + dream +

Dinamo said...


thanks for the play list anyway, i'll try hunt some of them out - I lost all my mp3s (for the 3rd time) about a year ago and have been listening to the same 300 or so that I managed to recover ever since!

Thanks for your comments! the original is about 11 years old- There's loads more but not online, they'd need re-produced to the same state as Exit.. and i'm well sick of hearing them- however i'm planning a new project/album this year so i'll send it your way for a sneaky preview if you like.

theORBscureDDJ said...

That would be great, so please do keep us in the loop with an re-produced tracks or new material.

Incidentally, if you want me to burn the two CD's for you, then drop me an email at and I'd be happy to send you the two discs...

BTW: were about are you located?

aka theORBscureDDJ
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Do Robots Dream? [session 053]

Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for continuing to fly with theORBscureDDJ [+play+enjoy+float+dream+]