Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Orb - unreleased "Transient"

I found this item being sold on eBay so took the plunge. Here was the blurb along with additional info supplied by the seller obtained via email:

"The ORB Transient - an unreleased white label double LP. One white, one yellow record. I bought these at a record fair. The guy I bought them off said he was a DJ and the radio station he was working at were clearing their archives. He had a lot of stuff including lots of 80s and 90s promo's. I bought a number of other deleted items from him on cd (blue room, sabres of paradise, planet dog etc)had a brief chat and told him I was interested in 90's ambient and he recommended the LP's as unreleased promos. Since then I've had a bit of a clear out and never bought the decks I had in mind for vinyl so put them on ebay. Unfortunately I don't have any more info."

Well... I've had a listen to all four sides and am not entirely convinced of its legitimacy. Having said that, or perhaps its wishful thinking, there are bits of it that are very Orb-like. I did speak with Kris Weston last week and although he is still very much anti all things Orb, he did say that he cannot remember any recordings using this name. Before anybody asks, there is very little stamped on the vinyl, apart from "LP TOT 16A" and "*-JTS-". The only difference between the four sides is 16A, 16B, 16C and 16D. I am going to get the material professionally transferred from vinyl to CD so more news soon...

In the meantime, if anybody is able to throw any light on this, please do let us know!


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Great spot... that'll save me all the effort of getting the discs transferred to CD too! Thanks for the pointer :)

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