Saturday, 20 September 2008

Steve Roach - Life Sequence

I've been away for a few days and this gave me the chance to catch up on the ever growing list of albums on my "to listen to" list. This included some material by Steve Roach which I'd discovered (track "Destination Horizon") whilst listening to one of the Soma FM stations. As a result of this brief listen, I downloaded his 2003 album Life Sequence and finally found the time to give it a listen... and wow, what an aural experience and a half! The tracks are:

1 - Lightness of Being [4:56]
2 - Living the Dream [16:56]
3 - Sundial [9:27]
4 - Sands of Time [15:03]
5 - Destination Horizon [17.55]

As a result of listening to this album, I now have several of his works loaded onto my iPod and now just need the time to do his music some justice...

More details on Steve and his music can be found here...

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