Sunday, 14 September 2008

Do Robots Dream? [volume 10]

The latest instalment of my "Do Robots Dream?" series has just been completed and has been added to my growing catalogue of releases. As is the case, none of these compilations are produced for financial gain, they are a way for me to enjoy my favourite chillout, down-tempo, trip-hop, ambient house and even trance tunes when and where I want. As has always been the case, if others get the same enjoyment out of them as I do, then that's a real bonus and an honour. Anyway, less of my old waffle, here is the track listing for the two cds:

Disc One

01 - Eat Static - Area 51 (nucleonic mix)
02 - Blue Planet Corporation - Wild City
03 - Electric Skychurch - Silver Froth
04 - ABA Structure - Deep Step
05 - Symetrics - Jupiter 6
06 - JFC - Point Lookout
07 - A Produce - The Golden Needle
08 - Geb.El - Moon over Nightwaves
09 - Autechre - Windwind

Disc Two

01 - Donnacha Costello - Your New God
02 - Timeshard - King Canary Galactic Jump Ride
03 - Colin Mansfield - Mother Everything
04 - Dusted - Childhood
05 - Quad - Tapestry
06 - Kiril Dzajkovski - Hereafter
07 - Solitare - One Small Step
08 - Isan - Betty's Lament
09 - Zazen - Zen Life
10 - URL - Translucent
11 - Kraftwerk vs Sasha - Radioactive Baja [tag mix]
12 - Mosaik - Among Plants
13 - Witchcraft - We Rest

All my mixes are available via download on the Soulseek network here although the website from where you can download the client is currently unavailable.


lazy said...

Hello There!! good to hear from you!,well ur a blogger now hey?cool hope you put your mixes up?Good luck with your blog!.Lazy

theORBscureDDJ said...

Hey there Lazy... yes indeed, thought it was about time i experimented with this format... as for sharing my mixes, all are available via soulseek, but i'm not sure about uploading them anywhere else. any pointers would be great... cheers, Pete

Do Robots Dream? [session 053]

Merry Christmas everybody and thanks for continuing to fly with theORBscureDDJ [+play+enjoy+float+dream+]