Friday, 26 September 2008

Gadgets to die for!

Where would we be without our gadgets? For me in particular, my latest 6th generation 160gb iPod Classic and my Squeezebox 3 are irreplaceable.

Having uploaded a large variety of the mp3 material I have stored, I was shocked to see that I now have 735 albums worth of material to listen too. What is even more scary is that I still have 70gb of free space to fill!

Time for a rant though - why oh why has the latest incarnation of the iPod been ruined with an infuriating EEC driven volume limiter? Why the hell should a European parliament dictate to me at what volume I listen to my music through my ears? And before any do gooders wish to tell me about the damage I can do to my ears, I think I'm old enough and wise enough to decide what volumes I listen to my music. For instance, I use Sony MDR-V300 over the ear bins and despite these offering isolation from outside noise, whilst using a London underground train I could not hear very much at all! Frustrating eh? Fingers crossed that some bright soul manages to crack the Apple code which allows us to listen to music at volumes we choose...

As for the Squeezebox... if you know nothing about this device, take a look here. I run my Squeezebox on my wireless network and enjoy all the benefit of the internet radio stations listed previously in my blog through my main living room hi-fi at volumes which the music I listen too deserve to be played at...

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