Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Do Robots Dream? [volume 11]

For whatever reason, and I can't put my finger on it, its been a real struggle finding tracks to add to this latest excursion. However, better late than never (and what a way to bring in 2009) here is the track listing for the latest two-disc set in my expanding "Do Robots Dream" series...

cd one
01 - Dine - Exit
02 - Analog Pussy - Rug-c [part 3]
03 - Nalepa - Fresh
04 - Abyssal Plains - Daybreak in Roatan
05 - Bocham Welt - La Nuit [slumber mix]
06 - Ibizarre - Siroco
07 - Matt Coldrick & Matt Hiller - Fire Dance
08 - Erwin van Moll - The Great Lover
09 - Universal Selector - Marisol [warm dub mix]
10 - Time Warp - I Had a Trip Once
11 - Weatherman - Stereophonic Initiation

cd two
01 - Ishq - Bhakti
02 - The Verbrilli Sound - Interstellar Spy Story
03 - Ben Neill - Dream Phase
04 - Steve Roach - Wings of Icarus
05 - Jaia - Alone
06 - Alien Mutation - Cloudhopping
07 - Genuine - Clearing the Past
08 - Artemis - Subterranean [hidden kisses mix]
09 - Russ Gabriel - Airborne
10 - Adrian Bahil - Twisted City
11 - Telefon Tel Aviv - Introductory Nomenclature
12 - Zion Train - Mossman [zion train remix]

I'm just listening to the finished complete mix for the first time as I type and it really does sound quite good. Best wishes to you all for 2009...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Best wishes

Another quick message wishing everybody and anybody who takes a moment out of their busy life to stick there head in here and take a peek a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009...

Friday, 19 December 2008

Transit Kings "Early Bath"

Fresh from those superb guys at Malicious Damage comes a numbered limited edition collection of rare and unreleased transit kings tracks all the vinyl remixes, plus two new tracks, an orb remix and the 32-minute live set that was broadcast on eddy temple-morris's XFM remix show, all sumptuously packaged in the usual malicious stylee.

Well, mine arrived today and its a fantastic little package. If you haven't experienced a Malicious Damage release, then you really don't know what your missing. And for £11.50 delivered to my front door, its cracking value too... you even get a receipt with a personal thanks!

Anyway, the tracks included are:

01 japanese cars [burning donuts mix] 6:08
02 butterflies 4:29
03 america is unavailable [sss ding dong mix] 4:42
04 boom bang bombay [saffron mix] 6:10
05 blow boy 6:24
06 cave 5:10
07 the last lighthouse keeper [the orb mix] 6:38
08 transit kings live [XFM super-chunk] 32:32

More details from here... and while your there, take a look at their other Orb and Transit Kings material... and support your independant record labels...

Sunday, 7 December 2008

An update - of sorts

Evening all... I haven't forgotten about you all here, I've just been a touch tied up with the real job. On the mix front, I am still putting together the various base tracks for my next instalment of the "Do Robots Dream" series. If I can locate a few more decent tunes, then it may be that it'll be available before Christmas. If I'm being really honest with myself, the New Year is a more likely. Of course, if you look at the various tracks I've used for this series and you feel you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line here. I'm always on the lookout for new tracks and enjoy finding material I've not heard before.

Anyway, if I don't get back here before Christmas... the very best seasons greetings to you all...

aka theORBscureDDJ
+ play + enjoy + float + dream +

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Orb - Various Mix's [Dec 21, 1993]

Another interesting eBay purchase, this time in the form of a CDr. Here is the blurb from the seller:

"The Orb, Various Mix's. A superb original Orb rarity from 1993. Exclusive mix & track listing which includes a handwritten message inside.

Demo for "Johnny Menomic" movie soundtrack to a script by William Gibson - 1/6 made

Recorded 21st December 1993
Track listing:
Spanish Castles in Space - Orb
Satellite Serenade (Suzuki)
Towers of Dub - Orb
Waterford - Remix (YMO)
Robinson Crusoe (Art of Noise)
U.F.Orb - Orb
Orbular Bells - Remix (M Oldfield)

A very rare item as only 6 were produced and this is the only one I've ever come across"

This is another strange one purely because I already own a CDr from "Chop Em Out" called "The Orb - Various Mixes '90-'93" [Promo 274] and this includes exactly the same track listing as the CDr above! This new CDr includes an inlay which features the Metropolis Mastering header and The Power House address. To muddy the waters still further, there is a third version of the same mix called "Radio Orb - Orb mixes, remixes & choice dub reggae cuts" so the jury is out on this one too... unless somebody can provide any details on the set and from where it originated...

The Orb - unreleased "Transient"

I found this item being sold on eBay so took the plunge. Here was the blurb along with additional info supplied by the seller obtained via email:

"The ORB Transient - an unreleased white label double LP. One white, one yellow record. I bought these at a record fair. The guy I bought them off said he was a DJ and the radio station he was working at were clearing their archives. He had a lot of stuff including lots of 80s and 90s promo's. I bought a number of other deleted items from him on cd (blue room, sabres of paradise, planet dog etc)had a brief chat and told him I was interested in 90's ambient and he recommended the LP's as unreleased promos. Since then I've had a bit of a clear out and never bought the decks I had in mind for vinyl so put them on ebay. Unfortunately I don't have any more info."

Well... I've had a listen to all four sides and am not entirely convinced of its legitimacy. Having said that, or perhaps its wishful thinking, there are bits of it that are very Orb-like. I did speak with Kris Weston last week and although he is still very much anti all things Orb, he did say that he cannot remember any recordings using this name. Before anybody asks, there is very little stamped on the vinyl, apart from "LP TOT 16A" and "*-JTS-". The only difference between the four sides is 16A, 16B, 16C and 16D. I am going to get the material professionally transferred from vinyl to CD so more news soon...

In the meantime, if anybody is able to throw any light on this, please do let us know!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Orb - The BBC Sessions 1989-2001

NEW RELEASE: The Orb - The BBC Sessions 1991-2001. Despite my having the Strange Fruit Peel Session CD from 1991, this new repackaged and remastered 2CD offering has brought together a large slice of the Orb's BBC sessions into one easy to listen package. The track listing is as follows:

1. A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You)[John Peel Session 3/12/1989]
2. Back Side Of The Moon [John Peel Session 3/12/1989]
3. Into The Fourth Dimension [John Peel Session 3/12/1989]
4. O.O.B.E. [John Peel Sessions 12/5/1992]
5. No Fun [John Peel Sessions 12/5/1992]
6. Once More [The Evening Session: 1/3/2001]
7. I Am The Red Worm [The Evening Session: 1/3/2001]
8. EDM [The Evening Session: 1/3/2001]

1. Plateau [Mark Radcliffe 12/7/1995]
2. Oxbow Lakes [Mark Radcliffe 12/7/1995]
3. Towers Of Dub [Mark Radcliffe 12/7/1995]
4. Montagne D'Or (Der Gute Berg)[John Peel 14/2/1995]
5. Perpetual Dawn [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
6. Egnable [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
7. Assassin [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
8. Toxygene [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]
9. Little Fluffy Clouds [Lamacq Live 12/10/1998]

Highlights for me are the remastered versions of AHEGPB, Backside of the Moon, Into the Fourth Dimension and a superb version of O.O.B.E. The only track I would skip is the appalling No Fun, which is exactly as it it named, no fun whatsoever...

For those interested into the story behind the remastering, take a look at the blog below:

Mastering The Orb - Complete BBC Sessions

Friday, 26 September 2008

Gadgets to die for!

Where would we be without our gadgets? For me in particular, my latest 6th generation 160gb iPod Classic and my Squeezebox 3 are irreplaceable.

Having uploaded a large variety of the mp3 material I have stored, I was shocked to see that I now have 735 albums worth of material to listen too. What is even more scary is that I still have 70gb of free space to fill!

Time for a rant though - why oh why has the latest incarnation of the iPod been ruined with an infuriating EEC driven volume limiter? Why the hell should a European parliament dictate to me at what volume I listen to my music through my ears? And before any do gooders wish to tell me about the damage I can do to my ears, I think I'm old enough and wise enough to decide what volumes I listen to my music. For instance, I use Sony MDR-V300 over the ear bins and despite these offering isolation from outside noise, whilst using a London underground train I could not hear very much at all! Frustrating eh? Fingers crossed that some bright soul manages to crack the Apple code which allows us to listen to music at volumes we choose...

As for the Squeezebox... if you know nothing about this device, take a look here. I run my Squeezebox on my wireless network and enjoy all the benefit of the internet radio stations listed previously in my blog through my main living room hi-fi at volumes which the music I listen too deserve to be played at...

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Steve Roach - Life Sequence

I've been away for a few days and this gave me the chance to catch up on the ever growing list of albums on my "to listen to" list. This included some material by Steve Roach which I'd discovered (track "Destination Horizon") whilst listening to one of the Soma FM stations. As a result of this brief listen, I downloaded his 2003 album Life Sequence and finally found the time to give it a listen... and wow, what an aural experience and a half! The tracks are:

1 - Lightness of Being [4:56]
2 - Living the Dream [16:56]
3 - Sundial [9:27]
4 - Sands of Time [15:03]
5 - Destination Horizon [17.55]

As a result of listening to this album, I now have several of his works loaded onto my iPod and now just need the time to do his music some justice...

More details on Steve and his music can be found here...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Digitally Imported FM

Having been a listener for some time and put up with their low bit rate streams, I've finally pushed the boat out and become a premium member of the Digitally Imported FM multi-channel Internet radio service. This has been specializing in Electronic Dance Music genres since 1999 and I have Chillout, Ambient, Goa and Trance stations saved on my Squeezebox. All four are definitely well worth checking out...

Sofaspace Ambient Radio

Another great on-line radio station that plays a nice selection of chilled/ambient tunes is Sofaspace Ambient Radio. I've been listening to their stream for most of the morning and have thoroughly enjoyed their playlist. As is the case with most of the decent on-line streams, this is a listener supported venture, so please try and help where you can...

Monday, 15 September 2008

Buzzoutroom Radio - Chilledout Ambient Downbeats

Here's another excellent on-line radio station for all lovers chill & downtempo tunes. I've been so wrapped up in the various excellent Soma.FM stations that I'd clean forgotten about this one! But boy, I've been listening all today and some superb tunes have flowed forth from my stereo. Check out their webpage here for more details...

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Soma FM

SomaFM independent internet radioWhy not check out the various fabulous internet radio stations available on Soma FM. My favourites there are Space Station Soma, Groove Salad and Beat Blender... and these are the main stations from where I draw my inspiration for the compilations mixes I produce...

Do Robots Dream? [volume 10]

The latest instalment of my "Do Robots Dream?" series has just been completed and has been added to my growing catalogue of releases. As is the case, none of these compilations are produced for financial gain, they are a way for me to enjoy my favourite chillout, down-tempo, trip-hop, ambient house and even trance tunes when and where I want. As has always been the case, if others get the same enjoyment out of them as I do, then that's a real bonus and an honour. Anyway, less of my old waffle, here is the track listing for the two cds:

Disc One

01 - Eat Static - Area 51 (nucleonic mix)
02 - Blue Planet Corporation - Wild City
03 - Electric Skychurch - Silver Froth
04 - ABA Structure - Deep Step
05 - Symetrics - Jupiter 6
06 - JFC - Point Lookout
07 - A Produce - The Golden Needle
08 - Geb.El - Moon over Nightwaves
09 - Autechre - Windwind

Disc Two

01 - Donnacha Costello - Your New God
02 - Timeshard - King Canary Galactic Jump Ride
03 - Colin Mansfield - Mother Everything
04 - Dusted - Childhood
05 - Quad - Tapestry
06 - Kiril Dzajkovski - Hereafter
07 - Solitare - One Small Step
08 - Isan - Betty's Lament
09 - Zazen - Zen Life
10 - URL - Translucent
11 - Kraftwerk vs Sasha - Radioactive Baja [tag mix]
12 - Mosaik - Among Plants
13 - Witchcraft - We Rest

All my mixes are available via download on the Soulseek network here although the website from where you can download the client is currently unavailable.

Do Robots Dream? [session 054]